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It's no secret that quite recently an event took place on the darknet that shocked most of the fans of the illegal internet. This event was the closure of the top darknet site Hydra. This site was very popular and after it was closed, most users simply did not know where to go. But everything changed at the end of 2022. A new site called Kraken onion has entered the arena. This resource is in many ways similar to a closed hydra and it is believed that the kraken is the same three-headed one, but under a different mythical name. It is not surprising that in just a few months there was thousands of sellers of prohibited goods and tens of thousands of buyers from all over the CIS are registered. Kraken has truly become a godsend for everyone who loves non-standard shopping.

Main advantages of the Kraken onion website

Easy design and navigation. When you visit the website kraken4.at, you understand why so many visitors choose Kraken. The design is very stylish and thought out to the smallest detail. Made in a minimalist style, where simplicity and convenience are taken as the basis. On Kraken you will not find bright banners or advertising, since the philosophy of the creators is that nothing should distract from shopping. In addition to the design, it is worth noting that the navigation is well done,All products are divided into dozens of categories, which allows you to quickly sort products by browsing only those stores that meet the criteria. Technical support and dispute system. In addition to general beauty, it is worth highlighting such an important element for purchases as quality support. At any time, you can contact support and find out all the necessary information about the operation of the site. If you are a seller, then you are assigned a personal moderator who will help with arranging your store and will advise you if any difficulties arise. In addition, the site has a dispute system, this is a kind of chat with the seller and moderator. If you bought product, but could not find it, then you can contact this system and they will help you honestly resolve the misunderstanding that has arisen. Convenient account replenishment system. Many have encountered the fact that when trying to top up their account on other sites, they may only offer you to deposit funds using bitcoins, but if there is no crypto, what to do? This problem has been resolved on kraken5.at. You can still fund your account using cryptocurrency, but if you don’t have it, you can use an internal exchanger. This is a system that allows you to exchange other electronic money or money from a bank card for Kraken currency. You give rubles from SBER and the money is transferred to your Kraken account and you can buy.